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height: 5"5

eye color: brown

hair color: blonde

voice: alto

location: NYC


Milwaukee Repertory Theater | THINGS I KNOW TO BE TRUE (U.S. premiere) | Rosie | Mark Clements

HOW TO PUT ON A SOCK  (workshop) | Drama League |  Rachel Gita Karp


Carnegie Mellon University | LOVE'S LABOR'S WON | Rosaline | Scott Kaiser

Carnegie Mellon University | BOOM | Jo

Carnegie Mellon University | A BRIGHT ROOM CALLED DAY | Rosa Malek | Jed Harris

Carnegie Mellon University | WAYFINDINGS (premiere production) | Jane (lead)

Carnegie Mellon University | MACBETH | Macduff, Witch 2, Murderer 1

Bellwether Project | NIGHT WITCHES | Nadia Popova (lead)

Ashland New Plays Festival | THE LITTLE DOG LAUGHED | Ellen

2010 - present
2010 - present

Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama: BFA Acting

Suzuki, stage combat (hand-to-hand, broadsword), Viewpoints | Catherine Moore 

Mime work | Mark Thompson 

Clowning | Alexander Iliev 

Neutral mask | Kaf Warman

Speech and ear training | Gary Logan

MT dance track | Tome Cousin| Jim Caton

Singing | Thomas Douglas


MASTERCLASSES: Carnegie Mellon | Anne Bogart |  Zachary Quito | Holly Hunter | Rodney Cottier

DANCE:  Jazz/modern (6yrs), Tap (6yrs), Ballet (4yrs), Bharata Natyam (3yrs), Beginning Trapeze, West Coast Swing (2yrs), Beginning Argentine Tango, Ballroom (3yrs), invitation-only ballroom dance troupe 


YOUNGARTS  | In-depth Barbara Marchant  |

master classes Debbie Allen, Marisa Tomei

COACHING | Scott Kaiser | Oregon Shakespeare Festival


Bea and Sofia             Assoc. Prod.       Victoria Pedretti, post 

Static...noise.              Producer, AD     Sam French, post 

Natsukashii                 Lead                   Bixby Elliot, 2022

Aquamarine                Producer            Bixby Elliot, 2020

(in)alienable                Lead                   The Bellwether Project, 2018


Private voice lessons (2008 – 2014), basic hand-to-hand stage combat and broadsword, accent/dialects (list upon request), IPA, driver's license, valid US passport, vinyasa yoga, choreographer, stage asphyxiation, reads the whole email. 

Co-Founder, actor, playwright The Bellwether Project:

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